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Vicki Reeve
Holistic Health Intuitive

Typical Reading Ranges: $35 - $100


Holistic Health Intuitive

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Holistic Health Intuitive, Energy Balancing, Enhancing Abundance , Relationship Issues, Life Challenges

About Vicki ~ Holistic Health Intutive

My name is Vicki Reeve & I am a Holistic Health Intuitive. Do you have pain? Physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain? If so, then you have a blockage. What I do is connect with your energy to find what is causing this blockage & release it. The blockage stops energy from flowing, which manifests in the form of pain. When energy flows, healing happens. Pain disappears! You are much happier & lighter as a result.

I offer 3 types of sessions:
15 minute Angel Card Reading & Clearing for $35
30 minute Clearing for $60
​60 minute Clearing for $100

Do you have pain?  Emotional, physical or mental pain? 
Vicki uses various energy healing modalities,

such as The Body Code & The Emotion Code, plus her own expertise to identify and correct the different imbalances that cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for people and animals.

Vicki is also developing her own form of energy work that is quick & very effective. She is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Body Code Practitioner, Reiki 2, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner (also Certified QT Supercharging & Certified QT Core). Vicki also studies Tong Ren Therapy, EFT, Reflexology, Herbology, among many other modalities, which she incorporates into her Healing.

Vicki targets the very core of why energies are affecting
people negatively & corrects them energetically.

Vicki is probably the best practitioner I've ever found. She's thorough
& fast with tons of experience. She has honed her talents & has helped
me immensely. (JF)

Vicki has helped me a lot when others have given up...she finds
imbalances on a very deep level, is very fast and always ready to help,
she really impressed me with her approach. 1000x thankyou ! (SV)

I have known Vicki for about 7 yrs on and off from different groups.
She is very quick to get to your emotions that are causing your pain,
fears, in a session on the phone, skype or in person. Just open up and
talk about family, likes, dislikes and she narrows in to the cause of
example my fear of snakes. I wish more people could see how issues that
we think are handled were really not taken care of. We have new issues
daily with things that go in all around us, that can mess up our health,
even our pets getting shots yearly need to have toxins removed.
Continued thanks. (SA)

Vicki was very fast and accurate with what she found in our session. I
feel so much better now. Thanks Vicki! (TT)

I have watched Vicki grow into the amazing healer she is today. She
helped me several years ago with my siatic and it hasn't come back. She
also helped my husband and myself heal with her emotional healing as
well. Brilliant woman. I wish Vicki all the success in the world! (GA)

Vicki helped me with my sciatic pain it was like a miracle I am a
believer! (KD)

Vicki helped me with my energy,had a heavy heart wall,tired and feeling
depressed a lot. I am so grateful to have found Vicki. (BC)

The work Vicki does is real and powerful!! I have been struggling with
tourettes since I was 7 years old. After having sessions with Vicki, the
tourettes is gone! This is a big deal for me, as it has been
overwhelming for so many years.She has also helped me move past lots of
emotional baggage that once held me back from my truest potential. I now
feel more light hearted, a deeper sense of clarity, a greater sense of
ease, and a greater sense of energy. I all around feel better than I
ever have! I am so grateful for Vicki and the work that she does.  (CH)

Excellent! She helped me with a cronic neck pain in one meeting.
Definitely recommend. (BM)

Very nice Vicki and I would highly recommend it to anyone! (JC)

Vicki is remarkable with what she does! She has worked with me over the
past year and has totally cleared up some physical and emotional issues,
and my health has returned to normal! Thank you Vicki! (CP)

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Request Your Reading with Vicki Today!
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Phone: 705-799-8111
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