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The Poetic Spirit

My spiritual adventures began several years ago with meditation, Reiki and psychic development classes.  I met a medium who told me to connect with my spirit through automatic writing.  I practiced sporadically for a couple of years and each time I returned to it, I could see progress that was like jumping grades in school.  One day a few lines of writing rhymed, then a few more and suddenly the writing took on a poetic form.  At the same time, I had also been receiving messages through psychometry from jewelry, objects or photos.  It seemed right to blend the two methods together to form a lovely way of delivering messages to people from their spirit.
Psychometry is the ability to receive messages from objects, jewellery or photos.  Kristina combines Psychometry with Automatic Writing and Poetry together to create a delightful message from your jewellery or object and your energy.  Your message comes out onto her paper in a poem or rhyme reflecting your spirit and soul.

Also workshops in Animal Communication with Deb Stanton and Mediumship and Platform workshops with Anthony Mrocka.

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