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Psychic Medium & Healer

Jax is a gifted Psychic Medium, Energy Reader and Healer who uses her natural talent to tune into your Higher Self to bring forth messages that will guide you towards your highest good.

During readings, she consults with Angels, Guides and loved ones (both on the earth plane and those crossed over) to present a feeling of connection, love and support to you. She works with your own personal energy field, to provide the purest and brightest messages of guidance.

Jax is a very loving, fiercely protective and understanding Medium, that brings encouragement and hope to aid you on your path. Jax uses Reiki and her own intuitive gifts to create a unique healing experience for each individual. Energy healing can help with rebalancing and healing the body, mind and spirit.

I feel at ease with Jax. Her guidance was profound and comforting. I felt confident leaving my session. She's the real deal. Thank you!
- Tina Addorisio
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