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Intuition 101

Sunday October 29th, 2017
Fee $60 (Lunch Included)
10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
at the Bobcaygeon Zen Den
(80 Bolton St - Unit B)

Kawartha Mediums is excited to announce the arrival of our very own Intuition 101 - Intuitive Development Workshop!

Our creative and talented Team Members Debra-Claire, Emalee & Christine have been working diligently developing a one of a kind journey like no other!  In this action packed 4 hour workshop we will be exploring the how to’s of tapping into your very own Intuitive Guidance.
Using your own intuition can not only open up a whole new world, but it can actually make things in your life much easier (like making decisions).

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Intuition is your SUPERPOWER!
It’s your internal compass, like a built-in GPS that can help you navigate through life! 
Trusting in this guidance is much easier when you understand the who, what, where and how of connecting with your Higher-Self.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
– Albert Einstein
Whether you are a novice or intermediate intuitive, this one of a kind workshop has something new and exciting for everyone! Come prepared to work along with our team and tap into the unseen world around us, participate in intuitive exercises, get and receive messages and most of all have fun!

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To register in Person Please visit the
Kawartha Mediums Zen Den @ 80 Bolton St, Bobcaygeon

Inquiries email: [email protected]
Call 705-731-1107

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