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Debra-Claire Kemp
Psychic Medium,
Speaker & Life Coach

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Psychic Medium, Speaker & Life Coach

Debra-Claire has been an intuitive since childhood and has been active in the Spiritual Community for over 25 years. 
Debra-Claire has studied under Renowned Mediums such as; Rev. Doreen Bauld, Celeste Elliott, Victor Abbott, and Rev Jim Kinnear, and International Mediums, Rev. Janet Nohavic, and British Medium Karen Willis. 

Debra-Claire's Certification as a Life Coach combined with her sense of humour compliments her Psychic and Mediumship readings as she provides clients with motivational, inspiring and trans-formative messages.
Debra-Claire also holds  certificates in Hands on Healing, and Professional Speaking. As a dedicated Life Long Learner Debra-Claire has also completed courses in Animal Communication and Trance Healing.

Hi Debra
Thank you. What a beautiful reading. I feel quite warm and fuzzy.  It has given me more courage to follow my dreams. Thank you again - Kind regards

- S
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