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Deb Stanton
Psychic Medium & International
Animal Communicator

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As a practicing Psychic Medium, People and Animal intuitive work has been a passion of Deb's for over 20 years. Deb conducts readings both in person and online both in Canada and Internationally. To enhance her own natural abilities, Deb has studied under world renowned teachers such as British Mediums, Jackie Wright and Karen Willis and the great American Evidential Medium, Janet Nohavec. Each Teacher bringing a new gift and skill set to Deb's natural communication abilities with Spirit and Animals (animals living and who have passed over).

Deb has a strong belief in personal responsibility and has worked hard to gain the experience and knowledge to professionally communicate with your beloved  friends & family members, as well as your pets. Deb is also a teacher in Interspecies Communication and Intuitive Development Workshops, conducting workshops from her farm in Millbrook, ON and Lily Dale, NY. Deb works as an Evidential Medium, bringing forward information that only you and your loved ones would know. Providing healing and valuable information to you the client. Deb is a proud Member of Kawartha Mediums.

“Animals often bring people in, and people bring animals in.“ - Deb Stanton
Deb, thanks so much for your reading of Misha, wow, it blew our minds! you have a very wonderful calling and I am so very glad I got your card at Lillydale. I was so very impressed with your reading and how you knew so much about both of us. thank you again very much.
- Linda, NY
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