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of Ethics
Kawartha Mediums wants to ensure that you receive the most beneficial guidance possible during your Reading and/or Healing session. It is our intention to provide you with the highest value and most ethical services possible.

Kawartha Mediums Code of Ethics



Ensure that the information given is positive even if the sitter is currently experiencing negativity in his/her life;
It will become immediately apparent to a good psychic that a sitter is depressed, unhappy or experiencing difficulties in life and it is important that the psychic does not add to this pool of negative energies. Wording information carefully will ensure that the spirits of the sitter are lifted rather than further deflated.

Ensure a practical working knowledge of the psychic energies is achieved;
A psychic should not work with members of the general public until s/he is satisfied that the level of development is such that s/he is comfortable and proficient in the manner in which s/he is working, ie with or without tools.

Monitor the information being perceived; It is not the role of the psychic to sit in judgment upon the sitter and any information that it is felt is important must always be given in a manner which is not offensive or may cause upset.

Dress professional for working with Spirit and the public.

Continue to sit for development, which is ongoing; The more the psychic practises his/her art the more detailed the information will become and the easier it will be to access it.

Keep Information confidential; keep confidential the names of clients, and information shared or discussed surrounding the reading.


do not predict a death or an accident;
If when reading, the psychic becomes aware of an imminent death it is unacceptable practice to advise the sitter of this; it serves no useful purpose and it may terrify the receiver of such news. It may also be incorrect. It is possible to make a mistake when attuning to a person and misinterpreting the information. This also applies to foretelling accidents. If an accident cannot be prevented, knowledge of it in advance of its occurrence is not going to assist anyone.

do not prescribe or diagnose;
A psychic is not a doctor and must not infringe the provisions of any Medical Statutes by diagnosing or prescribing. If it is felt there is a problem which needs medical attention, then the psychic may suggest seeking medical advice but should be careful not to frighten the sitter with any ‘doom’ or ‘gloom’ predictions.

do not give advice;
A psychic reading can often help a sitter, but the reader must be very careful not to render advice as this may come from his/her subconscious mind. A reader can not live their sitters’ lives for them and must be content to give the information that is being ‘picked up’ and allow the sitters to make their own choices in life.

do not embroider the information being received;

There will be times when it will be tempting to embellish the information being picked up to make it more presentable or interesting. It is important that this temptation is resisted; the information must be relayed in a reasonable and straightforward manner; clearly and in order that the sitter understands what is being said and without any additions.

do not predict the future or fortune-tell;
All a psychic can ever do is guess the immediate future from the information contained in the auric emanations of a sitter; sometimes the guesses are correct, but more often than not they are incorrect.

Release of Liability
All Kawartha Mediums Members have agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics, however,  Kawartha Mediums/Debra-Claire Communications, is not responsible or liable in any manner for the services, actions, or products provided by its Members.

Kawartha Mediums, would like to promote only the most professional Psychic Mediums and Healers. If the Code of Ethics is not followed, we wish to be notified immediately, so we may assess the individuals membership. All liability concerns regarding illness, injury, compensation etc is to be taken up with the Individual Member.