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Cayla McCullough
Tarot/Oracle Reader & Reiki Practitioner

Typical Reading Ranges: $35 - $60


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Tarot & Oracle Reader and Reiki Practitioner

Cayla has always been fascinated by the human condition. After graduating from Trent University in 2015 with an Honours B.Sc. in Psychology and Anthropology, she realized that gifts that she has had since childhood could be useful in helping others heal from various forms of trauma.

She uses Reiki energy healing and Tarot/Oracle card readings to help clients find a level of balance and guidance that other methods of therapy may not be able to achieve. She strives to make every treatment or reading unique to each person, so no two treatments are alike! In September of 2017 she will be embarking on a new journey - attending Fleming College's Massage Therapy course, which will allow her to tailor treatments not only to spiritual healing, but to physical healing as well.

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