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Anthony Mrocka Essentials for Mediumship & Intro to Platform

After years of struggling with addiction, Anthony began to question his very purpose in life. It was during one of his lowest points he began to pray to God and surrender his life to Him. It was at this moment his Spiritual Awakening began. Things started to happen that did not make sense. He started to hear, see and feel things that were “not of this world.” Teachers showed up out of no where, making it seem as if he was on a divinely guided path which contained some sort of predestined plan. Anthony was told he was a psychic medium, and so began his development with Spirit.

Today Anthony is an intuitive counselor and psychic medium. He has taken classes with various teachers and was hand picked, trained, and is now a certified medium by world renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams.
In 2014, Anthony opened for Lisa Williams at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown, NJ during her east coast tour. He then went on to deepen his connection to spirit by being mentored in England for one year with the world renowned Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell. At the end of his mentoring year, Tony awarded Anthony the ‘Excellence in Evidential Mediumship and Psychic Awareness’ Award, the only one in the class to receive this award.
Take Your Mediumship to the NEXT LEVEL!

Essentials for Mediumship & Intro to Platform

Saturday September 23, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (brown bag lunch)
Registration Fee $125 per participant
@ Activity Haven 180 Barnardo Ave, Peterborough, ON

Do you want to take your mediumship skills to the next level?
Are you wanting to start working on the platform?
Do you want to reach bigger groups with your mediumship?

Whether you’re just starting to work in the public eye, or you’re already experienced on the platform, you’re sure to get some great tips and practice with Anthony Mrocka's one day intensive workshop, “Essentials for Mediumship and Intro to Platform” workshop.

During this 1 day intensive, Anthony will cover:

  • Build a stronger link with the spirit world
  • Learn how to organize your readings
  • Overcome hidden fears and stumbling blocks
  • Platform Etiquette 101
  • Blending the “Clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc..)
  • Breaking Patterns in Your Mediumship/Platform Work
  • Turning a “No” into a “Yes”
  • Strengthening and Holding a Link
  • Developing Personal Style
  • Losing the Fear of Being Wrong and Developing Confidence
  • Going Direct and Indirect with Messages

You will experience various exercises and techniques that will help you harness and expand your natural ability to communicate with the spirit world. This workshop will be exercise heavy, so be prepared to work hard but also have a lot of fun!

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Acclaimed Evidential Medium & Mentor Anthony Mrocka


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